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Lesson 11:

​보고 싶어요.

By now you might be grasping that a lot of Korean grammar, especially in the early stage, is all about the verb endings.  Let's role with that!  The last two lessons of our Level 1 are going to focus on some other verb endings.  This week we'll learn how to say I want to ... . That'll be tomorrow (Day 2), of course.
We're bringing back Sujin and James for a conversation on our practice day (Day 3), and for Korean Plus, we're going to learn a new kind of noun marker like 이/가 or 을/를 that might just be more important that our grammar page!
But as always, let's start with the vocab.  It's below.

After you know this vocabulary, move on to DAY 2: Grammar to check out your first Korean grammar rule! 

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