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Lesson 12:

​숙제를 해야 해요

Wow, the end of Level 1, huh?  That's pretty awesome.  We'll look back at things in the review lesson next, but we've still got a lesson to go.  Let's keep on going strong.  

In this lesson, we're learning one more final grammar pattern.  It's 'to need to + v.  That is, of course, tomorrow (we trust you stuck to the one lesson a day rule, right?).  For Day 3 we have a reading practice, which will review a lot of the new patterns we've introduced over the last few weeks.  And for your Korean Plus, we'll finish the lesson on an easy note: we'll study adverbs of frequency: always, sometimes, never, et cetera.

But for today, let's look at some vocabulary.  Yes, we know some of the words are repeats.  You know why?  Because you've already learned so many.  Yep, you're pretty much a badass.

Have a look at the vocab below.

After you know this vocabulary, move on to DAY 2: Grammar to check out the final grammar rule of Level 1! 

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A few words about this vocabulary, because I'm feeling chatty. 

  • Remember how you learned after (후에) and before (전에) on the Korean Plus (Day 4) a few weeks back?  Well it's coming back in your reading practice this week.  Steel yourself.

  •  왜냐하면 (because) is a cute word.  It literally means if you ask why ... . Notice how it starts with 왜.  Maybe that'll help you remember it.  And maybe it'll help you remember some future grammar?  Hmm...

  • 지하철, or subway, comes from 지하 (underground) and 철.  We don't really use 철 by itself, but 지하 comes up every now and then.  Keep an ear out for it.

OK, I'm no longer chatty.  Test yourself with the flashcards and quiz below.


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~야 해요


Our final grammar point for Level 1 is another verb ending.  It's 'must' or 'have to' + verb.  Like the previous patterns, it just attaches to the verb base:

Verb base +(아/어)야 해요

가야 해요

먹어야 해요

해야 해요

Nothing tricky here.  You should pick it up pretty quickly.  So, let's try some verb conjugation exercises below.

You've got it!  Let's move on to DAY 3: Practice to try some reading! 

Got a question?  Please ask in the comment box below.

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