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Lesson 6:

언제 공부 해요?

Alright, this is your last lesson in present tense verbs.  By now, you should be starting to get them. 

So how does this week look?  For our grammar page, we'll be looking at some verbs that are a little more difficult to conjugate, as well as maybe the most important verb: to do, which is an irregular verb.  That means that, once again, most of our vocabulary is verbs.

On Day 3, our practice page, we're going to guide you through a reading.  And the final day, Korean Plus, has another important piece of Korean grammar: the negative.  You'll learn how to say I'm not ~ing and I don't ~.  

What are you waiting for?  Check out the vocab below.

Are you done?  Let's go to DAY 2 to conjugate these verbs! 

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