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Day 2:

How are you today?

(오늘 기분 어때요?)

Welcome to Day 2 of your sample lesson!  In the previous day (Day 1) you learned the most basic of important Korean words: Greetings, apologies, stuff like that.  Now let's learn the most basic of small talk: Asking how your friend is. 

Check out the video below.

In the introduction, today we'll only focus on the answers: the condition words from the video above.  Here they are below.

Want to practice these words?  Check out the flashcards below.  Then, try the matching activity under that.

Listening exercises are useful, and this is a fun (albeit silly) one.  
Connect the word you hear with the gif or meme image that best represents it below.

...and that's the end of our sample pages.  If you're looking for more free content, you can access the Hangul lessons and the vocabulary and grammar lessons after you register with us.  Feel free to browse the site, and don't be afraid to ask us any questions in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  

Good luck with your Korean studies!

-Jenna Kang 


  • If you'd rather study this page seriously without the Romanized Korean and with a little more information, CLICK HERE. 

This page is for non-members.  If you already studied 한글, a better page for you is here.

Remember: this is the only lesson with Romanized Korean.  If you're going to study Korean, you'd be a fool not to learn Hangul (the Korean alphabet).  It's easier than it looks, and learning Korean from the English alphabet will make you sound fall-down drunk.  Now that we think about it, you do you.  Just know we'll make fun of you.

Seriously, learn 한글.  We have a great lesson on it here.  The first two days are free to use, and they'll give you a big first step, even if you don't decide to study with us.