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Lesson 4:

어디 가요?

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OK, this is an important lesson.  We're going to drop verb conjugation on your lap.  You'll be learning simple present tense.  We're going to assume it's not like anything you've learned before, and take it slowly.  So slowly that the next 3 lessons are all going to be about simple present verbs!  Our vocabulary will of course be verbs, but we're also going to start you off with some basic question words.  You can check them out below.

So that's our vocabulary: verbs.  Our grammar is of course present tense verb conjugation.  On Day 3, we'll practice some listening with these verbs.  For Korean Plus (Day 4), we're changing it up a little: we're going to teach you some interesting family vocabulary, and a little about levels of politeness when greeting someone.  
Enjoy your studying!

After you know this vocabulary, move on to DAY 2 to for maybe the most important aspect of Korean grammar! 

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