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Lesson 5:

한국어 배워요

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OK.  Our vocabulary this week is more verbs. It isn't a waste of time to go back and review your words from last week, either.  And, as always, do your best to use them in conversation.  If you have some Korean friends, great.  We're looking into setting up a study group for you here in KLIFF online, too.

For grammar this week, we'll expand on what we learned last week.  After this week, you'll probably be able to conjugate 80% of Korean verbs for the present tense.   Well, you'll know the rule, at least.

On Day 3, we'll work on more listening.  For Korean Plus (Day 4), we're focusing on a couple of crucial words: you'll learn how to say I have / There is and I don't have / There aren't any.

Let's get stuck in.  Check out the vocabulary below.

Note: You already learned how as "어때요?"  The above vocab has 어떻게.  Notice the difference between How (어떻게 - in what way) did you do that? and How (어때요 - in what condition/rating) is your food?  

Let's work with these verbs in DAY 2

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3  |  Day 4

Day 2
Muslim Girl Studying

*Better on PC!

Lesson 5 Grammar:

Present Tense II


Verb conjugation, part 2.  Last time we learned mostly the ㅏ verbs: 가다, 만나다, 사다.  Those are easy.  You just drop the -다 at the end and stick on a -요, cause Koreans are all hip hop stars.  
But we also had 마시다, which becomes 마셔요, remember?  Well, we have a similar verb today: 가르치다.  It has the ㅣthere, so it's going to follow the same rule: 가르쳐요. 

We also have some ㅗ verbs: 오다 and 보다.  We could say 오아요 and 보아요, but we can shorten them to 와요 and 봐요.  The same goes for 배우다배우어요배워요.  

Finally, we have 쉬다.  That already has a double vowel (ㅜ+ㅣ), so we aren't going to make it any more complicated.  It doesn't make any changes: 쉬어요.  Got it?  If you are having a tough time understanding, try watching the video again.

...And try out the quiz below.

Got a question about this grammar? Ask below!

How about some more listening practice?  Let's try it in DAY 3

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3  |  Day 4

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