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Monthly Membership with trial

  • AP Membership:

    Every month
    Automatic Payment via Paypal
     3 day free trial
    • Access to all Kliff Online lessons
    • Offer ends 2022/09/01
    • 12,000 KR₩ / mo. without subscription

Monthly automatic payment

Got Kakao Pay?  Tap or scan the QR code below to send  KRW 12,000 for a monthly payment. 

Need Kakao Pay?  If you're new to Korea and have a Korean bank account, you need it. There's a useful guide here on Expat Guide Korea, which is a great resource for foreigners in Korea.


*Note: Send us a comment afterwards with your email address so we can add you to our subscribers list!

Want to pay in cryptocurrency?  We'll do our best to accommodate you.  Expect to pay the original price of US $20 per month, however (due to random fees and Korean taxes) Send us a request and we'll send you our wallet address. 

Want to learn Korean?  You're in the right place.  Here you can find online lessons, and, we hope, a community of Korean language learners and a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

What you should know before signing up*:

  • We're a small upstart.  We're your neighborhood coffee shop, not a chain.  

  • What that means to you is that you'll find these lessons 'hand crafted' with some character. 

  • We take pride in our interaction with our customers.  If you have a question about grammar, ask.  If you like or dislike an activity, let us know.  If you want to learn something in particular, request a lesson.  We listen, and we respond.

  • We're an ethical business.  If you feel you've been taken advantage of in any way, let us know and we'll do our to rectify our mistake.

Thanks for putting your trust in us!  We'll do our best to help you learn Korean.  

*Want to learn more?  Learn about our
Online Lessons here.  Or, check out a sample lesson here.

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